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10 top tips for packaging your parcel

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2021 • Blog

Every parcel is an opportunity to impress and a ticket to customer brand love or customer complaints. Given a choice, everyone wants to make a great impression - a lot of time and money is invested in making the package look just right.

At Miles Express, we understand how important every parcel is to you and to the receiver. It is therefore important to us. We are committed to ensuring your parcel reaches its destination in pristine condition.

Here are 10 tips for merchants who want to ensure every package arrives in tip-top condition:

1. Choose the right materials for your parcel

This may sound obvious but many time a package gets damaged because it isn’t packaged using strong adequate materials.

Make sure you have a variety of packaging available for a variety of products so you can pick the best match. Padded envelopes, paper posting bag, letter box parcels, corrugated cardboard boxes, strong parcel tape, parcel straps and triangular tubes for rolled paper are all essential when you need to send a variety of parcels.

Using the correct box-size for your items and ensuring they are not under or over filled should keep your item protected. You want your item to fit freely but you don’t want it swimming around in the box as that can damage it

So which materials should you use for the various packages?

Padded envelopes.
Ordinary envelopes don’t provide any protection – padded envelopes are much better because they have a layer of built-in bubble wrap which can provide adequate protection for small lightweight objects.

Paper posting bag
The paper posting bag is well suited for sending clothing, jewellery and other small lightweight products. It’s made from sustainable recycled kraft paper, and the self-adhesive sealing strip makes it very easy to use.

Letterbox parcels
Letterbox parcels are ideal for shipping small, flat products that fit through the letterbox and need a little bit more protection than those products you would send in a padded envelope.

Corrugated cardboard boxes
Corrugated boxes are made of three sheets of thick paperboard, which makes them different to a regular cardboard box. They are ideal for shipping, because they are stronger and can withstand more handling during transportation. They are also reusable and recyclable due to the durability of the material.

Triangular tubes
Triangular tubes are ideal to protect your documents better, they are lighter than round mailers and also stack better. They will interlock with each other and not roll around in the back of the truck.

2. Pick the right packaging for each product properties

Fragile products
Make sure every part is wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap to prevent damage. If you are sending multiple products in the same box, use padding to ensure that the individual parts cannot move around once they have been securely packaged.

Heavy item
Heavy items should be packed with polystyrene blocks on all sides. Do not use soft padding such as bubble wrap or packing paper, as they will not protect the product enough. For heavy items, you also need to fill any empty space with padding to ensure that the products cannot move around.

Valuable items
When sending valuable items, you should securely package the products so that they cannot be unnecessarily damaged. It is also important that you make sure the item cannot move around in the shipping box.

Sending liquid and fragile bottles
Place the object in a waterproof bag and make sure it is well sealed. This prevents the other items in your package from getting damaged if a bottle breaks.

Sending sharp products
When sending sharp products, you need to make sure that the products can be delivered safely. For extra protection, add special corner protectors to the corners of your product before packing them and fill any empty space with padding.

3. Minimise any empty spaces

Once you have chosen the best outer packaging it is important that you also consider your inner packaging. Material such as bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam or even shredded paper will help cushion your items.

This prevents the items from moving around and reduces the chances of damage. Your items should always be well cushioned on all sides. Fragile goods should be put in the centre of a package, ensuring they do not directly touch the sides.

4. Do not use delicate materials for your packaging

Bags and wrapping made from soft paper, fabric and cloth can be easily damaged by sharp corners on other parcels. Ensure packaging is sturdy to protect your goods.

5. Be cautious when reusing old packaging

Once a cardboard box is damaged it becomes weaker and so provides less protection for your parcel. Ensure that the box is strong enough and your parcel will be protected. It is also very important to remove or cover all old labels to ensure that your parcel is sent to the right location.

6. Clearly label your package

Ensure that the label is positioned in a clearly visible area, has no tape covering any part of the label and can be easily understood. Heavy, fragile or dangerous goods also need to be clearly labled.

7. Complete all information required

It is important to correctly label the contents and include accurate information about your item on our website booking system when shipping with Miles Express.

8. Limit the use of attractive packaging (gift wrapping)

Unfortunately, parcels that have been wrapped as if they are a gift are more at risk, the paper and ribbon are easy to rip and can get caught by other parcels or sharp objects. Wrapping paper is easily torn and this will increase the risk of arriving in dismal condition.

9. Make sure you check which items are allowed to be shipped

Some items cannot be shipped. Contact Miles Express for the full list of prohibited items.

10. Always inform your service provider

If you’re concerned about the packaging or contents of a specific package always inform your shipping provider. When in doubt, always ask a professional.

Wondering if you’ve picked the best packaging for your items? We’re here to help – book a call-back here or call us on (+356) 2124 0877.

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