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Covid19 – Worst crisis in the aviation history

Posted on Friday, April 3rd, 2020 • News

Global airlines are struggling as aircraft are grounded, passenger flights are suspended in an effort to reduce stop the spread of the coronavirus

British Airways: Whilst the airline is battling the worst crisis in its history, more than 30,000 workers at British Airways have been suspended.  The airline employs 40,000 people in total. A deal has been agreed between BA and the unions. A modified version of the UK government’s job retention scheme is being offered to cabin crew and ground-based staff. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, 90% of BA’s fleet will be grounded in April and May.

American Airlines: $12bn financial support being asked from the US government. Last week the US Congress passed a coronavirus relief bill of $2.2tn, $50bn of which were set aside for airlines with half given as grants. American Airline has told employees that this would allow the airline “to fly through even the worst of potential future scenarios”

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