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Global travel ahead of a Coronavirus vaccine

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2020 • Blog

Holidaymakers would want to feel safe post travel bans even though it is early to say when international travel might restart.

It is a fact that many airports are looking at measures to cater for travellers to feel safe when travel measures are uplifted. These include the two-metre distancing, hand sanitising and spreading passengers more evenly across terminals.

  • London: To sound familiar with the current government guidelines, measures for essential travellers have already been introduced.
  • USA: In line with the official guidelines, the Transport Security Administration advises that before and after the security screening process, travellers will have to wash their hands for 20 seconds.
  • Hong Kong:  The Airport Authority says: “testing is under way on a full-body disinfectant device. This, the airport says, can sanitise users within 40 seconds, using sprays that kill bacteria and viruses on skin and clothing.

Apart from the security announcements and posters that travellers have been used to pre the Covid-19 pandemic, airports will start displaying Covid-19  posters that explain guidance measures and instructions throughout their buildings. This apart from thermal detection screening that several airports had instantly introduced prior to the surge of the Covid-19 virus.

Welcome on board your flight

It is most likely that travellers and flight attendants will have to wear masks and gloves. Cleaning and sanitation procedures will definitely be stepped up by airlines to make travel even safer. In respect to distancing guidelines, for a time airlines would have to live with losing a third of seats, meaning flying at a loss.

Landing at destination

Different domestic measures are being looked at if travel bans are lifted for this summer season as none of the summer destination countries can afford missing out. Italy is considering tall sheets of plexiglass to separate sun loungers. European destinations are looking at ways to manage guest hotels. Permitting every other hotel to open, or every other room within a building to be occupied is under the radar. For reasons of social distancing Mediterranean resorts might not be able to open their pools.

Restaurants are already looking at having to reduce their seating capacity and stocking up on hand sanitisers. For further social distancing reasons, buffets will have to cease and replaced solely by a la carte menus. Buffet meals together with pools, bars and beaches are considered as a big risk.

In the wake of the global pandemic, people are likely to travel less internationally.


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