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How start-ups and small businesses can grow by outsourcing their logistics

Posted on Friday, May 21st, 2021 • Blog

Start-ups and small businesses are particularly susceptible to logistical issues. Less staff and smaller budgets can rob a company of stability and potential.

The long-term survival of any business depends on its resilience and logistics.  Systems can make or break a business. Especially the efficient flow of supplies and products which is vital to growth.

Logistical errors and customer service problems may cause disgruntled customers – stunting growth. A small delay here and there, can ruin a reputation that is being formed.

Delays, unexpected glitches, incorrect estimation of order delivery times, will not only leave customers dissatisfied but cause them to shop elsewhere next time.

Product-based start-ups and small businesses need a delivery partner who can support them in their logistics. This enables them to save time which can be invested into marketing, product quality and ultimately growth.

When partnering with Miles Express, companies can pick and choose which aspects of logistics they wish to have managed – from imports to last-mile (a service that delivers from the cargo release depot to the customer’s door.  This usually involves deconsolidation of shipments and delivery, warehousing and local distribution. We can support you all the way or just one leg of the journey.

Why should you use a logistics company and how does it help you grow?

1. Expertise

Logistics are the link between your suppliers, your business and your client. They should be managed by an expert that has the knowledge and capabilities to get your product from A to B on time, as well as deal with any issues and requirements in relation to shipping, storage and distribution.

At Miles Express we have over 30 years of experience dealing with this process flow and can easily set-up your logistics, assuring you peace of mind and an efficient co-operative service.

2. Time

When outsourcing your deliveries you save time and we all know time is money – it therefore constitutes a savings.

Hiring a company that already has the industry contacts, trained staff and expertise you need, will harmonise and simplify procedures within your organisation. Leaving space for you and your team to focus on the core of your business.

3. Resources

Partnering with a logistics company provides the ability to allocate your company’s resources into other profit-making areas. Ensuring more staff are available to work on the tasks they were hired to do and keep to their areas of expertise. This will make your business more dynamic and responsive.

This type of set-up will enable your company to continue to grow its consumer base in an efficient manner.

4. Competitive advantage

An effective logistics process that can react to changing market conditions and customer demands, translates into a strong competitive advantage.

When processing logistics internally, it may take time to renegotiate and improve any aspect of the process when something goes wrong. Learning at the expense of your customer service level is not a very smart idea.

Using an experienced logistics partner means that anticipated issues are preplanned and when they occur they’re resolved before your business suffers the repercussions.

5. Reputation

As a small company or start-up that plans on growing their business, you want a recognised logistics management firm that will help you build a solid reputation. This is invaluable in the day and age of social media, where reputations can be made through good reviews and customer service.

Working with a logistics partner like Miles Express, will help you find the financial and quality balance that suits your business. You can pick and choose which aspects to recruit for and which parts of the process you want to outsource (or the entire logistics process.)

Outsourcing deliveries will help your company focus on maintaining a high level of customer service whilst also growing your business.

Saving time and resources will increase profit margins. You’ll also boost your reputation by working with an experienced organisation that is aware of market conditions, and other logistical complexities and can truly create a smooth experience for you and your customers.

Outsourcing your logistics will allow you to work on your business, not in it, which will help you stay proactive (and not reactive) to market conditions – a recipe for long-term success!

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