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Is your e-commerce business ready for January sales and the upcoming new year?

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022 • Blog

With the new year just starting and being in the midst of January sales, many businesses are experiencing and preparing for a surge in demand.

With several shoppers avoiding brick-and-mortar stores at this time, e-commerce has been growing exponentially, so there really is no better time to analyse your online platforms and ensure your website is built to handle the surges in demand.  E-commerce growth has also resulted in increased competition, which further highlights just how important it is that your business offers customers a unique, yet simplified experience.

Follow these 5 tips to optimise your operation, maximise sales and keep your customers happy:

1)  Talk to your team about the biggest challenges they faced in previous years to try pre-empt and tackle them beforehand

Initiate a conversation with your team to collectively think over previous years’ challenges and discuss what could have been done differently. What were the shortcomings, and how can you help your teammates master this challenge? Preparing for the year will make operations a lot easier to manage, and a lot less stressful.

2)   Ensure your website server is equipped for any big surge in traffic

While your website may suffice on a day-to-day basis, it is always important to speak to experts who can carry out an analysis of your current website, optimise it, and provide a flexible hosting plan that suits your needs in high traffic times. There is nothing worse than losing sales because your website is down due to increased demand.

Not only must your website have the technical advancements necessary, but a seamless design that creates a simplified experience for customers is just as important. Shoppers should be able to browse easily and find what they are looking for without a hassle.

3)  Ensure your delivery operation is adequately set up to meet your demand

The second worse problem to having your website down, is having the demand but not being able to deliver on time. Always make sure you have a concrete delivery plan and reliable delivery service before the orders begin to come through. If you cannot follow through in a timely manner when faced with a high demand of orders, poor reviews will undoubtedly tarnish your business.

4)  Up your customer care game

Unique requests or potential problems arise frequently. Schedule flexible hours for your business and train your customer care team to deal with all types of issues, while keeping answers professional, timely, and as helpful as they can be in order to tackle any problems immediately and avoid any escalation.

5)  Motivate your team throughout the entire customer journey

Check in with your team regularly since sale periods can be stressful for many. Motivate your team by rewarding hard work and remaining involved in the process.

Implementing these changes will help you retain your customers and strengthen your business’ image. While seemingly menial, every little detail matters if you want your business to stand out within its industry. If you have struggled with the above points in the past, this is the perfect time to reinvent your strategy and upgrade your services!

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