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Having built our long established experience in logistics within a fortified archipelago in the cross roads of the Mediterranean,  enriched by a historical and geographical location;  MILES EXPRESS can be considered as the ideal gateway to Europe and North Africa whether it’s by Air, Ocean or Road.

MILES EXPRESS provides flexible logistics, storage and supply chain management solutions including:

  • Storage space
  • A bespoke WMS, IT system developed in-house
  • An infrastructure helping customers control and manage their business transactions in real time
  • Comprehensive import/export procedures
  • Neutralisation of cargo before departing to the final destination that would include warehousing and possibly packing; non-technical examination and consular documentation.

Our mission is to provide the appropriate solutions at the right time, efficiently and cost effectively. We thrive on being unique in expediting, distributing and delivering our customers products at the requested point of delivery, maximizing on our real express performance.


Tailor made Logistics