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Miles Express invests in Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Posted on Monday, February 1st, 2021 • News

Miles Express have taken a step to become greener and invested in a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles. This ecological move will serve a dual purpose – helping the planet and being beneficial to the company’s contribution to society and our customers.

Most businesses are aware of their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment, an issue that is prominent when the company operates in the transport industry. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to identify their impact and seek ways to make their operations greener and ultimately friendlier to the planet.

This may be done by identifying and reducing emissions, by being more sustainable in daily practices, and provide towards the responsibility of making changes in society related to the environment. People understand that to make the planet better and sustainable for future generations they must work hand in hand.

“From experience, we know that diesel oil vans provide a better overall performance than petrol engine vans in relation to courier delivery expectations, and, when considering the conversion of our vehicles to LPG technology, we saw that it did not amount to savings in the final purchase price relating to these vehicles; however, the board of Directors at Miles Express still felt the need to contribute to the global effort of reducing the impact that modern-day businesses have on the environment,” said Martin Ferry, Managing Director at Miles Express.

In fact, there were other financial hurdles to this initiative; since LPG engine vans have smaller capacity engines there was no significant reduction in running fuel costs which is normally associated with LPG-converted vehicles. However, this did not dishearten the company from soldiering on with the green initiative, as the mindset was that of offsetting the reduction in the company’s profit margin with a reduction in the environmental impact of the business’s operations.

We promoted our environmental efforts by adding more pronounced branding on our new fleet, in an effort to educate the general public and motivate other businesses to do their bit.

At Miles Express, we are leading by example, and today these vehicles can be seen on Malta’s streets delivering not only packages and documents, but also an awareness of greener technologies and more environmentally friendly business practices. The board’s resolution to reduce the overall environmental impact is envisaged to be a sustained effort as the vans will remain operational for several years.

“Our company is proud to be a contributor to the Go Green movement and is planning to continue along this line by reviewing its overall business practices to identify niches where a greener approach can be achieved. At Miles Express we believe in the commitment that we have taken because environmentally friendly business practices are part of our work ethic. Without profits, no business can survive, but it is our firm belief that a balance between responsibility to the community and our practices is the best decision to positively serve society.” concluded Martin Ferry, Managing Director at Miles Express.

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