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Miles Express is Rebranding

Posted on Monday, February 24th, 2020 • Blog, News

A few months ago we commenced on our rebranding journey; this has been a challenging and stimulating time for us and we have now reached the most exciting moment of this journey. This is part of a holistic project incorporating new software for our logistics and administration teams, as well as for our customers.

Thanks to the feedback of our many loyal customers who have constantly supported us for many years, the new website has been designed to be more accessible and more user friendly. Although the previous website had been running for just four years, we felt that in today’s technological age, it was not modern and user friendly enough, hence our need to take on a holistic rebranding approach. This is just the first stage; in the next couple of weeks we shall be introducing other features on the new website which we consider of great advantage to our international customers and partners.

The rebranding project will go on over the next weeks and months, whilst we keep striving to give our esteemed customers our very best service. A big thumbs up goes to the IT team behind this project. They have been very inspiring and encouraging to us, and it’s with their support that we felt motivated to initiate this project. We thank you all our customers for your their constant support and consider you all part of this successful journey.

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