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The Best Ways to Deal with Today’s Demand for Quick Commerce

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2022 • Blog

The world has sped up, and it only takes a good look around us to know how accurate this perception is. Our jobs demand more, our phones distract us, news that used to take days, or at the very least hours to reach us is now instant, bombarding us constantly with events playing out across the globe. For better or for worse, we’ve come to accept this new rhythm to our days – but there’s more. Because we accept this fast pace, we have come to expect it in return. A website takes more than 3 seconds to load? I’m clicking back. And while that may be the epitome of how impatient we’ve become with having to wait for anything, think of our disgruntled attitude when that parcel took two more days to make it to our door .

A new customer journey

This new reality has led to inevitable changes to what commercial companies call the customer’s journey. It’s quite simple to see why – companies only have a very finite time to make a good impression on a customer, before they click back or exit. Therefore, it is almost imperative that they use the right channels, with the right message and at the right time.

Let’s give an example of how this funnel may look like. A potential customer sees an ad for a travel backpack on Facebook. She doesn’t act on it straight away but there’s interest and definitely brand awareness. Later, she looks it up on Google (like 69% of all shoppers, according to a recent survey on She finds the backpack through an ad on the search engine but before she buys it, she researches reviews, to make sure the purchase is worthwhile. Satisfied, she hits the Buy button and later leaves her own positive review on how fast the delivery was.

Enter Quick Commerce

Quick Commerce was born out of the need for convenience and efficiency that consumers around the world crave in whatever service or product they’re going to purchase. Think of last minute gifts or confidential documents that need expedited delivery, for example.

Due to its very nature, Quick Commerce comes with a set of benefits that are not applicable to traditional systems. It gives the company an edge, a unique value proposition that sets them apart from competition. Many people, especially time-strapped professionals, would prefer to pay extra money for convenience and speed, enabling companies to drive a higher profit on their lines. The positive experience the customer is left with is the ultimate cherry on the cake.

Setting up and implementing Quick Commerce needs a good amount of planning. If executed well however, it will be more than worthwhile.

  1. Leverage proximity to the end user
    Ideally, warehouse hubs are set up close to where your consumers are or in a central location.
  2. Choose a trusted delivery operator to deliver the items in a timely manner.
  3. Find a warehouse partner who can store your products in a safe and organized manner and simplify further your delivery logistics.
  4. Choose your quick commerce stock.
    Not everything might be suitable for the quick commerce system. Everyday small items like, cosmetics, gifts, medicine and documents make ideal candidates. Total basket orders should be small enough to be carried easily by one person.
  5. Ensure you have the right software that tracks and records your inventory in real time. A quick commerce system will fail if your stock is not updated instantly. Choosing a trusted digital commerce partner or setting up an API system is therefore a must to succeed in this endeavour.

Third Party Shipping Companies to the rescue

Much an extension of Quick Commerce, third party shipping companies, help companies with their logistic needs. Especially with domestic distribution and overseas freight, they are an asset when it comes to overseeing and completing supply chain operations. They maintain excellent relationships with carriers and are able to guarantee the better solutions and prices for the clients than if the clients themselves had to employ the services of the carrier directly. They remove hassles from having to track individual packages with a number of different carriers by integrating everything in one advanced tracking and customer alert software, allowing the business to focus on what really matters; profit and growth.

Your Quick Commerce Solution

If you’re looking to partner with a trusted delivery operator for your business, if you wish to reach all your customers, local or abroad with the speed that they have come to expect, talk to us. Here at Miles Express, we have the solution to make that happen, so you too can focus on growing and retaining your customer base.

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