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The perfect time to boost your business: Boost your service now to retain clients

Posted on Thursday, August 12th, 2021 • Blog

The past 2 years have seen shopping patterns and supply of goods get seriously disrupted. Now that shops and restaurants have reopened, some people are more willing to visit brick-and-mortar shops and malls, but online shopping habits are too convenient to drop.

However, we’re not out of the woods yet, there could be more lockdowns, as this is happening in other countries. This uncertainty will stay with us for a while longer but newly forged online shopping habits are certainly here to stay.

E-commerce has become an important part of any local business as people are now accustomed to it. Saving a few hours a week by shopping for groceries and weekly needs online is definitely a perk few are willing to do without. Spending is also up.

With 80% of the population now vaccinated, people are hoping to go back to normal soon and this is reflecting in spending habits. Most Maltese households used to save for a holiday every year. Now that this hasn’t been possible for 2 years, locals are eager to treat themselves and do something local instead.

Global economists are predicting a post-lockdown boom in the US but what about Malta? Considering the amount of jobs suddenly flooding the market, it’s likely that a similar boom will result locally too. Locally shoppers are already more eager to spend. Teens and 20 to 30-year olds are the first wave of eager shoppers. Young consumers are going out again and they’re starting to spend and dress accordingly. Contactless shopping will remain popular, even as the situation takes a turn for the better.

The current situation boosted online businesses, but it’s now time for companies to plan for the future so they can retain this business in the long term by investing in their online shop and optimising it.

The demand for certain products waned during lockdown – now the trend reversal has started. Makeup sales that had taken a hit for the past 2 years are starting to boom again. The same goes for clothing, sunscreens and non-essential items. After 2 years of ebbing in and out of lockdown, people are fed up with staying home and depriving themselves. There is a strong fresh desire to do more and buy more.

But certain restrictions are still in place and this will mean that it’s not business-as-usual. Certain clothing stores are still not allowing people to try on clothing, this makes online shops just as attractive, if not a better option.

Ensuring that all your online or retail touch-points are updated and giving the best service is important. Making sure you’re equipped to handle a sudden boost in online business is key to client retention and growth over the next few months.

Clients will stay with you and keep buying from your online shop if you offer a great service. If they have so far been buying online from you because they had no option, it’s time to upgrade your overall service, so that in this new digital world, they shop from you because you really are the most reliable and convenient option.

It’s time to delight your customers if you want to keep them over the next months and years. If your delivery operations and logistics have not been great, it’s time for an upgrade. Partnering up with an experienced delivery partner will help you easily delight your customers with very little change to your current operations.

Miles Express is one of the most experienced delivery partners in Malta. We offer a very wide range of services that fit straight into your operational model for an immediate upgrade.

If you are a business looking for a delivery partner who can deliver on time every time and delight every customer, request a call back here.

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