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We support the aviation and aerospace companies with global logistics solutions.

The aerospace supply chain is complex made up of several suppliers spread all over the globe. We are proud of the understanding to the specific logistics that this industry presents and specialise exclusively in the aerospace business, providing solutions for the urgent movement of components, consumables and aircraft engines.

Miles Express combines its expertise and experience to provide a seamless service fulfilling the needs of the airlines and aerospace companies. Commitment, flexibility and value-added logistics are the key to meet the aerospace time-critical needs. To optimize the transport and logistics process, our team constantly works alongside engineers and technical personnel. We are supported by our global network of partners with many years of experience in the aerospace industry. We provide a rapid response to AOG (aircraft-on-ground) situations with the fastest possible routing. Idle periods and downtime can cause substantial costs to airlines, every minute counts. We deal with different AOG situations each one requiring its own specific and tailor-made transport and logistics solutions. Our AOG desk is constantly manned by skilled and proactive professionals to plan, perform express pick-ups, monitor, trace, customs clear and meet the target airside deliveries around the clock.

Our professional team delves into all possible options. When specific transit times must be achieved, the cargo is over-sized or belly capacity is limited, we provide the solution and engage express delivery vehicles to transport the parts or equipment to collect and deliver directly with no other loads on board.

We push the limits to manage, deliver and constantly monitor and track your shipments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will also have the visibility of your shipments and track according to your requirements.

  • 24/7 manned operation
  • Online booking
  • Handling time flexibility
  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Shortest routings and transit time
  • Active monitoring of your shipments and status information
  • Track & trace
  • On-board-courier hand-carry shipments
  • Add-on services to complement your needs

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