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Limited & Full Trailer Loads

The major advantage of overland freight transport service is the cost-effectiveness of carriage which is well suited to many needs, its versatility and punctual delivery.

Miles Express provides the best value for customers logistics spend within their budget. Larger loads are transported directly from consignor to consignee whilst for economic purposes smaller shipments are consolidated.

We assess our customers’ transportation needs and that the cargo will arrive safely at its destination. Working in close collaboration with our extensive network of handling partners, we can piece together our customers cargos, arrange collection, load, ship and deliver encompassing reliable transit times and allowing us to offer low-cost freight solutions. Several variables come into play depending on the kind of cargo to be transported. Different types of cargo require different handling, and stowage.

Road transport is an efficient solution for short and medium distances to move your routine freight swiftly, with high reliability and flexibility. Whether it is general cargo, temperature-controlled freight, project or other exceptional cargo, we will work hard to provide you with the most economical transparent solutions. As experienced freight forwarders, and through working with various industries over the years, our team recognizes the challenges faced to provide critical support when shipping aircraft engines, ships equipment, industrial and medical machinery and construction materials. We can distinguish that one solution does not fit all.

The road transport of dangerous cargo, known as ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods), cannot be treated like any other general cargo. It requires particularly sensitive requirements, handling and knowledge and must comply with all standards demanded by law. Accidents related to the transport and handling of dangerous goods can cause serious consequences for people and the environment. 

  • Online booking
  • Handling time flexibility
  • Documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Shortest routings and transit time
  • Active monitoring of your shipments and status information
  • Track & trace
  • Add-on services to complement your needs

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