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Deliveries Done Right – The secrets to running a successful logistics operation

Posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2022 • Blog

It’s not everyday that we get glimpses of the cogs and wheels that help in the smooth running of delivery companies. One could go as far as to say that they are often taken for granted, and the only time anyone scrupulously investigates further is when an item is delayed for one reason or another. It might surprise many to know just how much strategy and resources go into making sure the item you ordered or sent arrives intact, in time, and why not, accompanied by a smile as your delivery person hands it over.

The aim of this piece is to shed some light on the different aspects that make up the service – from start to finish – that guarantee a cost effective, fast and high-quality delivery.

It starts with people.

Like at any company that operates through people, employing the right individuals can make the difference between success and abject failure. At Miles Express, we put a lot of stock in our people, knowing full well they form the backbone of the company. This is true not just because they physically transport the items you entrust in our care, but also because ultimately, they are dealing with other people – who might even have sentimental attachments to the items we carry. Staff members need to be patient with last minute change of plans, and quick witted enough to be able to make fast decisions on the spot that might save time and money for all stakeholders involved. They must always show a courteous side – we believe good manners can get you very far, especially in situations that are out of our control and need the understanding of the client. At the end of the day, we want all our customers to be repeat customers. Giving them a service that leaves a positive after-taste is a sure way to retain them, as well as for them to spread the word.

Feedback aids growth

Very often, people setting down policies in any company are not the people on the ground actually running with such policies. This might create gaps, misunderstandings, and confusion. That is why it is essential to give people the space to constructively criticize processes and policies with the aim to improve the day to day running of operations. Our people are empowered to voice their opinion as we believe this will equip us with better information to make our service even smoother.

Sometimes, people will relay experiences from previous companies of what worked and what didn’t, enriching the company’s knowledge base at no extra cost. People on the ground will also be more motivated when they know their challenges are being heard and addressed, ensuring better service all round.

Data vs Insights

It is useless having information without putting it to use. When we enter our logs for deliveries, we always check our priority queue. We flag items that have been skipped in the queue straight away , so as to ensure they reach their intended user on time. We monitor real time during the day and at the end of it, we review all our deliveries and evaluate the service we have given objectively. This helps us stay accountable to our work, facilitates changes throughout the day and ensures correct priority management on the next working day.

Less Analogue, More Digital

It’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork. Invoices, receipts, quotes, statements and delivery orders – traditionally all of this used to be conducted through paper means, handed over, signed, resent and so on. This not only caused mountains of waste, but it also slowed down operations through delays and the occasional absent mindedness of people who misplace these documents.

Digital documents and signatures heralded a new way of conducting business that does not require any space at all (except for the few centimeters a hard disk occupies) and is instant. It is also much easier to locate documents stored online or in local hard drivers than it would be to sift manually through racks of folders. You can issue, sign, process and store away an order in the time it takes you to brew a coffee. Not to mention the ease with which you can update order statuses, keeping everyone on the team informed of the current situation with any given delivery, at any given time.

Planning is key

When it comes to deliveries, especially on an island such as Malta where roads are very often congested due to a high volume of vehicles, route planning is crucial. Not only does it avoid our drivers’ frustration at having to face hours of slowly inching their way towards their destination, but it saves fuel money, helps the environment – and it saves time. With the help of a GPS system, we can easily see patterns in traffic, pull up statistics of worst and best hours, and it can alert us of accidents that would delay deliveries. We plan deliveries in a logical sequence according to locations, to avoid a lot of back and forth, managing time expectations and – at times – even exceeding them.

Whether you’re looking for the most cost-efficient delivery solution, or for a service that fits the bill when it comes to customer service, we have you covered. At Miles Express we offer you our years in this industry to guarantee you a high-quality delivery service each and every time.

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