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Going Analogue – The value of physical documents in a paperless world

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 • Blog

We have laptops and tablets as well as phones that could double as a small notebook. We can sync between devices instantly and can share our digital files across the globe in under a millisecond. We can carry an infinite number of books in the space that is taken up by two pairs of socks. Digital documents and everything associated with them – reading, sharing, co-creating – have undoubtedly changed the way we perceive documents in paper format. Many people consider them redundant scanning entire libraries and shredding documents to make space. However, we find that having a balance between on-screen documents and physical documents lets us extract the best of both worlds. Below we’re listing all the reasons why having documents in paper format is beneficial even in today’s digital era.

Beware the hackers

Any business’s worst nightmare is having its sensitive information leaked, and it happens more than we think. Massive databases are under constant cyber-attacks, and as the technology to keep the information safe evolves, so do the techniques that hackers use. The theft of corporate information not only puts details in the hands of people who could do harm with it, but also puts the company in a very bad light. Trust plummets and with it, its value and reputation first, and customers and profits second. Because it has become a criminal’s go-to method for stealing, more and more companies and individuals entrust their most valuable information to physical documents, avoiding the ever-prevalent risks of cyberattacks.

Paper is reliable

Without a doubt, documents on paper are easier to read and take notes on. When in meeting groups, they make for great discussion accompaniment. Certain legal or financial documents may also at times need original stamps or signatures from notaries or lawyers for example, that cannot always be done digitally. We live in an age where the internet is taken for granted, where we expect to always be connected and when we aren’t we’re upset at the service and at ourselves for not having thought of a backup. Paper removes this dependency, so whether you’re on a flight or in a remote area with limited access, you can still do what needs to be done. And let’s not forget the instances when your battery dies on you – paper to the rescue!

More Paper = More Focus

Have you ever felt your eyes tired, dry, or hurting, especially at the end of the week? You’re not alone. Many of us spend up to a hundred hours a week glued to our screen, and this affects us in a myriad of ways; our focus wanes, our muscles cramp and we find it harder to fall asleep and to sleep soundly. More and more scientists promote the user of paper as a break from the screen, not only to help with eye strain but also because paper helps us focus and pay attention more than the screen. That is why our teachers used to urge us to print our notes – studying from paper has been proven to be more thorough and effective. Many people choose to deliver important documents for the same reason – paper helps us focus our attention where is needed, an essential aspect when reading through contracts and other similarly important documents.

With over 30 years’ experience in deliveries, we know how crucial it is to handle sensitive documents with the utmost care and attention – and we’re privileged to be able to do so. Contact us at Miles Express for more information.

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