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How Miles Express can help small businesses beat logistical challenges

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 • Blog

Small businesses are a labour of love but also of hard work. Very often, the idea of running an own business is romanticized – a dream many years in the making finally actualized. This is of course true – when one strikes out on a business venture, it is usually the fruit of research, hard work and a lot of passion. However, what many fail to see are the unique challenges that small businesses deal with behind the scenes. It is undoubtedly satisfactory, if not rewarding, but it takes an incredible amount of extra thought to make it tick like a Swiss watch. Unfortunately, logistics can very often be an added hurdle that can create stress and worry. The good news? We’re here to tell you that despite the challenges, small business owners can still come out on top – if they trust the right partner.

Damage and mishandling of orders

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of economies of scale. If their item or product is mishandled and damaged during the trip to its new owner, it’s at the cost of the business to replace and resend. And when every item is a precious commodity, expenses pile up unnecessarily. Without the right tracking, it’s hard to understand when during its journey the item suffered the damage. This lack of information will only snowball with future orders and the business will be unable to close any gaps and fix what needs fixing in the logistics process. At Miles Express, our journey is transparent. Businesses can monitor every step of the way, reassuring both owner and sender that the item will arrive in perfect condition. That’s one huge headache solved.

Identifying freight delays

Unless shipping news, routes or anything that might affect delivery times are constantly monitored, businesses are at the mercy of freight issues that could cause delays. It’s not just a matter of following the news – being aware of them is an added challenge that most small business either do not have the acumen for, or more simply, have no time to engage in. At Miles Express we offer our expertise and help, so the business can intervene before these issues turn into bigger problems.

High Prices for shipping costs

Looking back at the last two years, it is no wonder that the cost of living has gone up. A pandemic, wars and other external factors have contributed heavily to rising costs in every single sector, be it manufacturing, production, shipping, and other services. In 2021 alone, the freight costs on all modes increased an average of 20%. Add inflation and the spike in fuel prices being experienced in 2022, and the average price increase percentage is likely to be even greater for this year. Usually, big corporations rely on bulk orders that run into tons to keep the prices low- something small businesses are unlikely to ever experience. That’s where we step in – we can help small businesses with selecting the best possible transport solution that fits their budget. Our visibility and knowledge can help businesses cut down on supply chain costs, giving them a significant edge in the market.

Managing Complex Networks

If you had to map out logistics on a board and look at it from above, you would see how the entire process is made up of separate, individual parts that connect and come together to form one whole. Seen like this, it is not unlike a network that brings together a host of moving parts and ensures they work together in tandem. It is complex, requiring a certain expertise to ensure its smooth working, expertise that most small businesses cannot afford to possess. Miles Express can become their extended body of knowledge that can deal with these complex networks according to their specifications and budgets. It not only saves the business concern that they might be doing something wrong, but it also saves costs.

Small businesses are loved all over the world because of the passion they show towards their product or service.  We appreciate that -which is why we offer our logistics services. Let us think about minimizing shipping costs, handle the smooth delivery of your items, understand the complexity of its networks and stay alert for any freight issues. You, on the other hand, focus on the passion for your business, so it can grow and thrive.

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