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Miles Express Next Day

Your choice for a low-cost and efficient service.

Miles Express Next Day is the perfect low-cost delivery service suitable for your routine non-urgent delivery of documents, light and heavy weight parcels but which are still delivered swiftly and diligently. The aim is to offer our customers a great value for money service. Whether a small or large business, our nationwide next day delivery service is a reality as it is affordable and helps you improve efficiency and manage your costs. Owning and operating your own delivery vehicles can be costly and difficult to manage. We always have a solution for our customers, we keep making the process easy. Book your courier and get your deliveries on the road. Avoid the traffic jams and the parking nightmares. We understand the value of your time.

  • Online booking
  • Collection within business hours
  • Next day delivery within business hours
  • Competitively priced
  • We deliver to multiple sectors of industry
  • Add-on services to complement your needs

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