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The Do’s and Don’ts of Document Delivery

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 • Blog

In this day-in-age, when we speak of sending a document, we almost immediately assume it’s a digital one. However, official government documents, bank documents, financial services, lawyers and notaries (to name a few) still require original documents to carry original signatures.

Confidentiality is therefore crucial when it comes to document delivery. Knowing and trusting the company you work with for document delivery is of the utmost importance.

Loss of confidential documents can have very serious repercussions and reflect negatively on the sender. This is why it’s very important that documents of this sort are transported in a way that ensures all risk of loss or theft is taken out of the equation. This is possible if you work with a trustworthy document delivery courier that comes with a proven track record.

At Miles Express, we understand that it is important that your documents arrive at their destination safely and in the shortest time possible. In order to ensure safe delivery, we have put together a guide on how to send important documents:

Do not send confidential documents using a post-box

Although parcels are important to post offices, and they do their best to ensure that they don’t go missing or get damaged in transit, this may not be enough.

You should avoid sending anything which is irreplaceable or would be costly or difficult to replace, like a passport or birth certificate, by regular snail mail. It’s advisable instead to use traceable services such as Miles Express’s document delivery courier services (also available as same-day delivery) with real-time tracking and the assurance of high confidentiality.

Packing important documents

Paper documents can be damaged easily, so it is essential that you package them correctly to minimise damage in transit. If the information you are sending is confidential, you should also ensure to keep it as such on its journey to the recipient.

What to do:

  • Use a thick envelope to prevent the document being read through the packaging
  • Use a hard-backed envelope so the document ’won’t bend when in transit
  • Use plenty of bubble wrap/internal packing when sending the document in a box
  • Use a waterproof wallet for your labels
  • Seal the envelope and write the words “private and confidential” to let your courier service provider know that the contents contain sensitive information.


  • Don’t use glossy plastic wrap because a shiny surface creates a reflection that scanners ’can’t read
  • Don’t use clear tape to cover or affix the shipping label, as scanning machines might not be able to read the label if it’s reflective

Miles Express Document Delivery

At Miles Express, we are experts in Document Delivery. We were one of the first to offer this service in Malta and still take pride in servicing some of the most established firms and professionals on the island. We are a reliable delivery partner with years of experience in the document courier sector.

Same day courier deliveries

We also offer same day and next day delivery so that your projects don’t stall. You can trust us to deliver your documents swiftly and in the safest and most confidential manner. We also ensure a signature is required upon delivery at the destination, so you can rest assured that the document is received by the intended/authorised individual or entity.

Local and international businesses have trusted us for over 30 years with their sensitive information. To enquire about sending documents confidentially, call Miles Express on (+356) 2124 0877 or email

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